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Canada: Geography


William Henry Taylor, Canadian Seasons, 1913. Quoted in Berger Carl,  The True North Strong and Free , Russell Peter dir., Nationalism in Canada, McGraw-Hill, Toronto, 1966, p. 3-4.


Hail! Rugged monarch, Northern Winter, hail!

Come! Great Physician, vitalize the gale;

Dispense the ozone thou has purified,

With Forst and Fire, where Health and age reside, -

Where Northern Lights electrify the soul

Of Mother Earth, whose throne is near the Pole


Why should the children of the North deny

The sanitary virtues of the shy?

Why should they fear the cold, or dread the snow,

When ruddier blood thro' their hot pulses flow ?


We have the Viking blood, and Celtic bone,

The Saxons' muscled flesh, and scorn to groan,

Because we do not bask in Ceylon' Isle,

Where Heber said, that "only man is vile".